Loving autumn in Texas comes easy with the cool breeze, changing trees, and bountiful pumpkin patches. Read more

With technology playing such a major part of everyone's life it is easy to become submerged in a world that is controlled by it. For children, this can have devastating effects. Read more

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How do we Raise Charitable Children in today's society? I feel like it can sometimes feel impossible. We are raising children in a time where kids have phones at the age of 7 and name brand clothing makes you popular. Is there room for charity? Read more

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Kids Eat Free in San Antonio

Stuart Seeger

Let's be honest: going out to eat eat with kids can get expensive, fast. Let's make a pact this year to eat smarter, not pricier! We put together this list of places kids can eat free in the Alamo Area. Read more

Parenting Tips

Every home is different, and it's important to show your sitter where everything is. Point out the fire extinguisher, where you keep the cleaning products, and how to use any childproofing items. Read more

Parenting Tips

What You’ll Need: Colored paper, such as recycled gift wrap Scissors Small leaves and twigs Glue Flat shells 16-inch-long string or thin ribbon Thick paper What You’ll Do: Cut out three thin oval shapes from colored paper for the w Read more


Are we crazy, or is this just crazy?...... Read more


Visit Fredericksburg‚ where Texan hospitality and German traditions thrive. They have everything — fun, golf, food, wineries and serious business. Read more

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The days when single income households were the norm are long gone, as nowadays both Mom and Dad must work in order to make ends meet. That reality has left many women juggling the obligations of motherhood and career. Read more


Traveling with kids doesn't have to be a logistical nightmare. The following are a few travel tips for parents about to go on vacation with their little ones. Read more


Encouraging kids to go green at a young age can set them up for a lifetime of making decisions with the environment in mind. Read more